The World Indigenous Business Forum: Guatemala City 2014 will take place the week of October 27 to 31, 2014

The World Indigenous Business Forum is an opportunity for leaders to come together to share experiences and insights to raise the level of success for our global communities. We have stories that need to be told, we have lessons that we have learned and we have ideas that we know can improve our communities. This is an exciting opportunity to discuss leadership perspectives and build global relationships for the future. We invite you to Connect. Share. Inspire.

Presentacion de libro “Tengo mi Finca” primeros suecos en Guatemala

Con motivo de la reciente publicación del libro titulado “Tengo mi finca. Los primeros suecos en Guatemala ” el Embajador de Guatemala en Suecia, Ricardo Putzeys, el Director del Instituto Cervantes, Joan Alvarez, el ex embajador sueco, Ulf Lewin, el Director del Instituto Latinoamericano, Fredrik Uggla y el traductor del libro, Jaime Barrios Carrillo,  realizarán un conversatorio del contenido del libro. Un diálogo donde se analizarán las reacciones de los primeros suecos ante el ambiente centroaméricano y sus reflexiones sobre Guatemala de esos años.



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September 10, 2014

Guatemala City

You are invited to take part in the Latin America World Business Forum 2014

The Latin American Industrial Association (AILA) and Chamber of Industry of Guatemala (CIG) invite you to take part of this selected group of entrepreneurs, industrialists and officials which will meet in this great event.


Gather together key actors of the Latin American Industry, State Officials, and representatives of international organizations, with the purpose of exchanging acquisition of knowledge and experiences, as well as those development models successfully applied in the competitive strengthening of the region.

Identify and acknowledge the best positive experiences of public-private alliances, for industrialization and development of the countries.




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