Guatemala – Sweden relations

Guatemala – Sweden relations

Since the signing of the peace agreements in 1996, Sweden´s contacts with Guatemala have gradually increased. Sweden is actively monitoring the process of consolidation of democracy and the judicial system. The annual assistance to Guatemala is primarily for projects to modernize central government, strengthen the judicial system, human rights, local democracy, and the civil sector and establish a land register. Water and health care are also important concerns in Swedish support, which is primarily channeled through various UN organizations. Sweden acted quickly in connection with reconstruction operations in the wake of Hurricane Mitch and contributed to the provision of seven temporary bridges via the Swedish Rescue services Agency.
Regional strategy
In Guatemala, support has been used to assist the setting-up of an Ombudsman for Human Rights for indigenous women, and also to assist the national women´s forum that was a product of the peace agreement. Within this framework, support has been provided for three of the foremost women´s networks in Guatemala in an attempt to unite the Guatemalan women´s movement and establish a joint proposal as to how gender -equality aspects can be included in national policies.

1936, 11 July Convention of commercial relations Guatemala-Sweden

1991, 28 May INSIVUMEH-SIDA: Regional projects and the functioning of the Regional Center of coordination for the prevention of natural disasters in Central America. Prolonged the 28 of September 1993 and the 14 of October 1993.

1993, 1 Mars Convention of cooperation between SIDA and FUNDAC (a foundation for academic development)

1993, 19 May Convention between SIDA and the Foundation for Conservation of the Environment and Natural Resources “Mario Dary Rivera” for the partial financing of the archeological project “PETEXBATUN”

1999, 23 July Convention of technical cooperation between Guatemala and Finland

2004, 10 February – Agreement between Sweden and the Government of Guatemala on the Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments

2005, 12 April – Agreement between the Government of Guatemala and the Government of Finland on the Promotion and Protection of Investments.

2006 – Ratification 12 April and 26 June – Specific Agreement between Sweden, represented by the Swedish International International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and the Government of Guatemala to “Support Economic Development from a Rural Point of Departure”

2008-2012 Agreement Swedish bilateral development cooperation with Guatemala
The Swedish strategy for development cooperation with Guatemala for the years 2008-2012
The Swedish cooperation strategy for Guatemala establishes three sectors of cooperation:
1) Democratic Governance and Human Rights
2) Sustainable Pro-Poor Growth in Poor Regions
3) Health

2009, 2 September – The Swedish Embassy signed an extension of its Cooperation Agreement with the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) for US $ 1.3 million in order to ensure the continuity of CICIG’s work in the new phase that begins with the renewal of the mandate

2011, 3 February – Sweden signs agreement with the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) to help strengthen democratic practices representative in Guatemala. Development cooperation with Guatemala is focused upon three areas: strengthening the constitutional state and democracy, particularly at a local level supporting the rights and participation of women and indigenous peoples promoting economic restructuring to achieve growth with more equal distribution.

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