Trade and investment opportunities

Agreement on Promotion and Protection of Investments

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Investment and trade climate

Guatemala is the largest economy in Central America. It is a country with lots of opportunities. Strategically located, Guatemala is the gateway to the Central American Common Market (CACM), which represents an incredible opportunity to reach more than 33.7 million potential clients.

Guatemala’s main export products are: Coffee, sugar, bananas, cardamom and non-traditional products.

Non traditional products are those recently incorporated into the exportable supply of Guatemala. Includes six main groups: Agricultural, apparel and textiles, manufacturing goods, seafood products, furniture and forestry, and handicrafts. Throughout the years, non-traditional exports outside the Central American area have shown a remarkable dynamism.

Guatemala has a modern infrastructure, with port facilities on both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, local and international airports, railroad (only for cargo purposes) and the most developed cross-country highway network in Central America. Guatemala also has the largest labour force in the region. Guatemala has a representative democracy government, a constantly improving political environment conducive to stability and sustained economic growth, one of the highest in Latin America.

Besides the Central American Common Market, Guatemala has preferential market access to the United States of America and the European Union markets.

Free Trade Agreements with countries like Chile, Dominican Republic and Mexico also improve the market access conditions through such arrangements.

For further information on the Non-Traditional Products, please consult the AGEXPRONT web page.

Competitive advantages in the world economy
· Hard working, productive, and easily trainable human resources
· Geographical position
· Natural resources and ecological diversity
· Agricultural and forestry potential

A small country with key investment and development potential
· Recent cluster analysis suggested opportunities in the following fields:
· Agribusiness, fishery and forestry
· Textiles and apparel
· Tourism
· Medical research and development
· Electronic components and software
· Infrastructure and services

Legal framework for foreign investment

Guatemalan law explicitly promotes investment and includes provisions that recognize and guarantee private property rights equally for Guatemalan nationals and foreign investors. No restrictions are placed on foreigners on owning any amount of stock in any Guatemalan company. All sectors of the Guatemalan economy are open to both local and foreign investment and ownership; however, some restrictions apply to sectors considered to be of strategic interest, such as telecommunications and some forms of transportation. Other than applicable taxes, no restrictions apply to remittance of profits and repatriation of capital. Guatemalan law supports an open market respecting entrepreneurial activity and foreign investment.

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