Culture Robbery

A grand larceny was committed on February 5, prostate 2014, of invaluable cultural objects in the church of El Calvario, in Antigua, Guatemala. Any information please contact The National Council for the Protection of Antigua Guatemala,,

The construction of the church began 1618 and was completed in 1655, destroyed by earthquake in 1717 and rebuilt in 1720.

The church contained many historical paintings from this era, such as by the Guatemalan painter, Thomas de Merlo (1694-1739), who painted in a baroque style and is considered the best Guatemalan painter of the Colonial Era.

The paintings belong to the series of the Passion of Christ (originally composed of 11 paintings) with large paintings that were created to adorn the walls of the Church of Calvary; five are in the Museo de Arte Colonial in Antigua and the remaining six were stolen from the church of El Calvario in Antigua Guatemala.

This robbery is a serious damage to the cultural heritage of Guatemala, and the National Council for the Protection of Antigua Guatemala and the Department of Prevention and Control of Illicit Goods Cultural would like to draw attention to authorities and media spreading the stolen works to avoid their exit from the country and sold abroad in whole or in fragments.

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Caliz Copon 1, Jesús ante Caifás y la negación de Pedro, La coronacion de espinas, La flagelación, La oración en el huerto – Calvario Antigua, La Piedad, La prisión de Cristo, Naveta

Some photos:

Caliz0003                Copon 10003    La coronacion de espinas0003     La Piedad0003

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